Papua New Guinea - (Fair Trade, Organic)

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If you enjoy  Indonesian coffee, you're in luck because Papua New Guinea coffee beans' flavor profile is similar. New Guinea coffees are grown in volcanic soil, which produces beans that contain a lot of oil.

Unlike other coffee countries that have massive plantations or mountainous farmlands, most of the coffee from Papua New Guinea is small-lot, selectively grown coffee. Local farmers plant sometimes as little as 10-20 coffee plants, which is minute in comparison to Brazil’s massive coffee plots.

After the coffee beans are ready for harvest, they’re handpicked and wash-processed to separate the beans. Between the wet processing and the location, PNG coffee has a unique flavor profile that intrigues premium coffee drinkers. The local farmers take pride in their small batches of coffee, which is noticeable in the high-quality coffee beans they produce.

Papua New Guinea coffee has a distinct flavor profile, mostly due to the nutrient-dense soil. The flavor has a bright and citrusy bite, with floral notes and chocolate undertones to smooth it out. Coffee in surrounding regions has a deeper, more earthy taste, so the coffee from Papua New Guinea is a refreshing change. Farmers use the washing method to separate the beans from the coffee cherries, which also influences the result.