About Us

Our story is rather simple…it started with the love of coffee! After spending 30 years in the field of Information Technology, initially as a Junior Programmer rising to an Executive, coffee was a staple. Actually, coffee was an essential part of the IT “toolbox.” The complexity of coffee was evident as I traveled between States and abroad. It simply did not taste the same. European coffee topped the charts. I was intrigued by the differences and In my spare time I began researching the many diverse varietals of coffee beans.


After retiring from the IT world in 2015 I was up for a new challenge! How about turning my passion for coffee into a business? I started by blending a variety of beans along with various roasting techniques to come up with several blends. I sought out a roaster to produce my recipes to my standards and here we are today!


Guilford Roasting Company is named for the shoreline town in Connecticut where I have lived and raised my family the past 26 years. I certainly hope you enjoy my blends of coffee as much as I enjoyed creating them.