What is blended coffee? Blended coffee is a mixture of several different types of coffee. So, what’s the big deal if it’s just a combination of different coffees? We blende the various characteristics of each type of coffee and equally apply them to the final product. This means that you get all the best features of every type of bean in one cup. Given that there are so many different types of beans in the world, this makes for one attractive beverage.

Blended coffee is a combination of different types and roasts of coffee beans that have been ground up into a fine powder and combined together.

The process of making blended coffee begins by roasting the beans at very high temperatures for a certain period of time. During this process, the beans are oily and greasy, but when they come out of the oven, they lose all their natural oils and moisture. Next, they go through a cooling process where they are sprayed with water to remove any excess heat before being packaged and shipped.