French Sidewalk Cafe Roast

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French Roast describes the color of the bean and as its beginnings hail from France, the bean was roasted to a certain color, and therefore, certain flavor profile, that was in keeping with the traditions and taste preferences of the French roasters, roasting the beans.

Our sidewalk Cafe roast, is that, like other coffees, its roast can be measured on a scale.  The scale is called the ‘Agtron Gourmet Scale’ and runs from 25 to 95 with 25 being the darkest roast and 95 the lightest.

Our Sidewalk is somewhere in the region of 28 to 35 on the Agtron Gourmet Scale, making it some of the darkest coffee we have.

How is our Sidewalk Cafe roasted? It’s done by literally roasting the beans until they darken a lot. Not only that, their internal temperature has to reach 464°F (240°C). At this point, the coffee beans will have an oily sheen to them.

Here’s the crazy part The roast comes at a point in the process called the “second crack”. Yes, the beans literally make a cracking sound when they’re roasted.

The first one, is the release of steam and the second one happens when cell walls within the beans break down and the oils inside the cells are released to move to the surface of the beans. Most coffee beans will only have a single crack.

Sidewalk Cafe has an intense flavor profile. After all, it is roasted almost to the point of burning, (not quite though! Thankfully) and so its deep flavor will be a ‘mouthful’, to say the least.

 What you’re left with is a very intense, smoky cup of coffee.